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My Kick-Ass Dream Life


3 Simple and Time Effective Facebook Strategies to Attract More Clients to Your Out of the Box Business When you have an out of the box business, it’s not always easy to know how to attract plenty of clients. And one of the best ways to torture spiritual people like you is to give you the ability to transform people’s lives and prevent you from doing it very often.  Paul will show you TIME EFFECTIVE and proven strategies to use social media sites like Facebook to attract enough clients to your business so that you’re booked weeks in advance. He’ll cover how to: • Talk about what you do – no matter how weird or different you think it is – in a way that people immediately “get it”. • Engage people on Facebook and other sites so they can’t help but tell their friends about your work – even if they’ve never been clients themselves. • Let go of the “what the heck do I say on Facebook?” fears and let your wisdom guidance system help you attract clients with more ease than you thought possible. Paul and I are really looking forward to sharing this information!Paul Zelizer is a business success coach who specializes in helping spirit based business people learn to make more money and experience more meaning in their work. He combines his 30+ year passion for understanding powerful inner technologies with a mindful approach to the latest outer technologies like social media. Paul came to this work after losing everything in a difficult period of his life.  Paul found a much deeper connection with spiritual principles. These principles helped him transform both his work and relationship realities. Today Paul has a thriving business – he’s usually booked several weeks in advance.