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Productivity Secrets for Busy Moms

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Welcome to the Productivity Secrets for Busy Moms podcast! Busy mom of 4, wife and online business owner, Vanessa J. Louis welcomes you to the podcast and gives a sneak peak of what’s to come. This show is designed to encourage and teach you how to optimize and organize your busy mom life so that you can feel less overwhelmed and learn how to create time to pursue your dreams and other goals in life without sacrificing quality time with your family. In this first episode, Vanessa shares her own personal struggles with time management.  Her story begins when she realized as a teacher she spent more time with other people’s children then she did her own. Eager to be more involved in her children’s lives and pursue some personal goals she decided to become a stay at home mom, so she could have “more time”. Vanessa quickly found out that being a stay at home mom is just as much of a full time job than any other. The fact was she still felt distant from her kids because instead of spending quality time with them she was bogged down with all the motherly responsibilities that came along with 3 toddlers. It was then that she realized she was never going to be able to find the time for these things she wanted to pursue. She was going to have to make it. After years of trial and error, Vanessa brings to you all the tips, tricks and hacks she has uncovered over the years to make #momlife just a little less chaotic. Enter the Podcast Launch Contest Here:  Connect with Vanessa:  Facebook Group- https://www.facebook.com/groups/productivitysecretspodcast/ (https://www.facebook.com/groups/productivitysecretspodcast/) Email - productivitysecretspodcast@gmail.com (mailto:productivitysecretspodcast@gmail.com) Website - www.vanessajlouis.com (https://www.vanessajlouis.com/)