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Not Quite Heroes


In this episode we take on the realm of Quest, a tabletop system that really allows us to stretch our roleplay wings. It's fun and very easy to use! Joining the crew for this adventure is Taylor Haydel from ChasmQuest, in the land of Kokin (which was created by Taylor)!  Our party ascends ever upwards into the mysterious tower they've found themselves in. They have traversed mental and physical tasks to this point to find their way through, but what lies in store as they continue onward? Will they ever find out what happened to the Guild of the Oryx and what caused the attack on the royal family? You can find information about, and purchase, the Quest system at https://www.adventure.game/Please go to https://linktr.ee/NotQuiteFamily to find all of our links, including a link to apply to be a part of future Not Quite Heroes games.We would love to have you join our amazing Discord community at bit.ly/NotQuiteChat!We have opened up our Patreon, found at bit.ly/NotQuitePatreon, feel free to drop in and show your support that way. We are working to finalize some benefits to joining to include special one-shot recordings and streams with the cast and some of our friends monthly!Also! We are now affiliated with Dice Envy, find your next sets of dice at bit.ly/NotQuiteDice!Theme music, the song "Where Heroes Begin" [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrYJct8xNPg ], by Dave Cole of the Four Orbs podcast and of DColeMusic on Youtube!https://twitter.com/FourOrbshttps://www.youtube.com/c/dcolemusic/Sound effects and music used in this episode found at Tabletop Audio, Syrinscape, and Zapsplat.comhttps://tabletopaudio.com/https://syrinscape.com/https://www.zapsplat.com/