What Happened in the NFL Championship Games, Super Bowl Prop Bets and NFL Global Expansion? (Episode 29)


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There’s nothing quite like the crisp chill air of winter and the sports that come with it. Listen as the guys talk about some of their early Snow Boarding experiences, otherwise known as traumatic events. After their psychological session the boys jump into discussions about what happened in the Rams @ Saints game, who was pointing what at Tom Brady, James Harden’s continued offensive barrage and whether the 3 point shot is becoming too easy for NBA athletes. Then, if you’re craving more fun, you can hear the hosts battle it out in a Super Bowl Prop Bet Challenge and find out what the world would be like had the NFL began global expansion 30 years ago. Don’t miss all this and more in one action packed episode! Four3Forty Sports Podcast is a show by fans for fans who want to learn about the world of sports wagering while being thoroughly entertained.   (17:38) This Week in Sports The Missed Pass Interference Call Heard Around the World Sports Book in New Jersey Refunds Wagers on Made on the Saints Saints Fans are Suing the NFL Tom Brady and the Laser Pointer Incident James Harden’s 30+ Point Game Streak Extends to 21 Klay Thompson Sets an NBA Record by Making his First 10 3 Point Shot Attempts Is the 3 Point shot getting too easy for NBA Players?  (52:19) Sports Betting 101 Prop Bets Revisited What is a Prop Bet? Super Bowl Prop Bets The Guys compete against each other in our Super Bowl Prop Bet Challenge!  (1:15:56) Butterfly Effect… What if the NFL expanded globally 30 years ago? How would the league be different? Would it be better or worse? Which Cities would have teams and which wouldn’t?   Referenced Material Articles (See Links Above) The Score Action Network   Find Us At Website: four3fortysports.com Twitter: @f3fsports Facebook: Four3Forty Sports Instagram: Four3Forty Sports Don’t forget to subscribe to the show through your podcast player of choice!