What is Color & Why?


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Here's a little over 15 straight minutes of how my brain works, unfiltered. It may not make a lot of sense because a stream of consciousness isn't typically podcast-ready; they usually follow a logic only the thinker may understand and anyone else would get completely lost. I hope whoever listens may keep up with me, but I understand my shortcomings, especially going to far too fast. I here to prove that a lack of understanding is not the same as a lack of intellect; so often people are beaten down to the point of losing the ability to be curious or explore ideas by the time they become adults because the world doesn't seem to think everyday life should have any philosophy to it. I still don't know the answers to the questions posed in this piece, but I'm not a scientist so I may never understand completely. That's okay, I still was able to figure out my own theory and pose  great deal of follow up questions that leave me feeling closer to the reality of my existence than when I started.  Deep thinking, whether it's "critical" or not, is important. I couldn't find anyone to join me and talk this idea out because people are so trained to not think or question, leaving them with no insights. Why anything has color isn't a "critical thought" to anyone, the answer changes nothing, but that shouldn't matter to curious mind. What I do here is pointless, but not unimportant. Enjoy. Get weird. Keep thinking.