What Photographers Can Learn From the Old Masters (232)


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Photography and painting have much in common. Both the painter and photographer are concerned about composition, lighting, color, and story. Photography is a relatively recent invention compared to painting. When the first photograph was taken in 1826 by Joseph Niepce, the practice of the painter already had a history developed over many centuries. Truly, the craft and art of photography owes much to the legacy of the old masters.   Mentioned in this episode: What Landscape Painting Can Teach Photographers–by Geoff Wittig http://theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/2010/12/landscape-painting.html The Psychology of the "Decisive Moment"–by John Suler http://truecenterpublishing.com/photopsy/decisive_moment.htm   This episode is sponsored by: CrumplePop - Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X Plugins: http://crumplepop.com StoryBlocks.com - Uncage Your Creativity. You bring the vision - we bring the stock video, images, and audio. Start your free 7 day trial today. Go to http://storyblocks.com/camera   About the Artful Camera: Website: https://carlolson.tv Instagram: @Artful.Camera https://www.instagram.com/artful.camera/ Send an email or voicemail to Artful Camera: https://carlolson.tv/contact/ Disclaimer: some links referenced in the show notes are affiliate links. The use of affiliate links do not affect the price you pay. Artful Camera earns a small commission from each sale which help offset some of the costs involved in producing this podcast. Thank you for your support.