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"Every person has this natural urge to be happy because we are born to be happy" - Rupali Barua.

Have you ever wondered why happiness often seems elusive, even though it's something we all desire? Happiness isn't a one-size-fits-all concept; it's unique to every individual.

On this 3rd episode of the "50 + Zindagi" series, Rupali and I delve into the core of happiness, individuality, and self-discovery. We explore the intrinsic urge for happiness that resides within each of us and how it's closely tied to our personal experiences; the courage it takes to embrace what truly makes us happy, regardless of societal norms or trends, and how each of us can embark on our quest of finding happiness even if it feels like it's too late.

We invite you to join us on this journey of understanding the essence of happiness and finding inspiration to seek our own unique path to joy. We hope today's 'Happiness + Zindagi episode ignites the flame of joy within you. If you resonate with our conversation, don't forget to LIKE the video, share your thoughts on happiness with us in the COMMENTS below, and SHARE this video with that one person who you always wish to see Happy.

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About the show: "50 + Zindagi" is an ode to audacity, an invitation to an exhilarating journey that challenges societal norms and age stereotypes. Whether you're an unapologetic 20-year-old determined to launch a business or an enthusiastic 80-year-old wanting to skateboard, this show champions the idea that age shouldn't dictate your life's rhythm. Amidst these life stories, age is but a bystander to the thrill of pursuing dreams and embracing the unknown. "50 + Zindagi" showcases individuals who've defied limitations, coloring their aspirations with endless opportunities. For those who crave to turn dreams into destiny, to sip from the cup of boundless possibilities, "50 + Zindagi" awaits as your companion on this unshackled expedition. Inviting you dear friend to join us on this incredible journey of redefining rules and living life to the fullest.


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00:44 What is happiness?

01:26 Why is it hard to find happiness?

04:22 Where can I find happiness?

04:51 Courage to pursue one's unique path of happiness

07:25 Recognize your diamonds

08:42 It's never too late

09:08 Message for YOU!


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