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What's The Story?

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Anne Desjardins experienced crippling fatigue about 7 years ago and that was the start of a journey through a medical quagmire trying to find out what was wrong. A series of mis-diagnosis and lots of misunderstanding led to a great deal of frustration and no relief from symptoms. The journey was expensive and extremely frustrating yet the cause remained a mystery. Sound familiar? As it turns out Lyme Disease was the final destination on this medical search. With the proper diagnosis she has been able to get a handle on her health again and is determined to help others get off the medical mis-diagnosis train. Find out how to improve your quality of life. Senator White has a pending piece of legislation in Harrisburg right now to help untangle with medical web. In the meantime Anne has started a support called Berks County Lyme Support Group. It’s a way for you to connect with others dealing with similar issues, share successes and help each other on the way back to good health. Connecting People with information. The Facebook Page is Berks County Lyme Support Group.