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What's The Story?

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Education isn’t just about a body of knowledge, its helping kids learn how to be kind, caring and good citizens. A tall order that can be accomplished by helping them develop a connection with the natural world. Cindy Ross is an Author, Journalist, Blogger, and World Traveller. She talks about her latest book ‘The World is Our Classroom.’ This book is the culmination of lessons learned in 25 years of raising and educating her children outside in the natural world. Cindy’s kids were homeschooled, attended public school and taught themselves! Senses are awakened, and creativity is stimulated when learning takes place beyond the classroom. Cindy watched her kids discover what is really important to be happy. Opportunity presents itself time and time again to differentiate between a ‘want’ and a ‘need.’ Her kids always wrote about all their adventures, and there are excerpts from their journals in the book. When reading the excerpts, it becomes very clear how their outdoor excursions helped them develop empathy, compassion and a true love of learning. Cindy helped her children cultivate their own learning, and in this book, there are a wealth of resources to help you make classroom lessons come alive for your children and grandchildren in the great outdoors. Learning like this can happen right in your own backyard and neighborhood. You can teach them through experiences how to disconnect from technology. You will provide opportunities to talk more and get to know each other better. When you share adventures outside a very special bond is formed that can’t happen sitting around watching tv together. Adrenaline rushes and taking risks are part of growing up. Mountain climbing, kayaking, and outdoor adventures are much better alternatives to reckless driving or doing drugs. Show your kids how to network with others, learn through experiences and take calculated risks. How do you start? Get the book ‘The World Is Our Classroom’! It’s a great inspiration and resource to help you connect to the natural world and bond with your kids and grandkids outdoors. Find out more at www.cindyrosstraveler.com.