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What's The Story?

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Life sure is interesting! Dr. Pam Ellenberger spent her life as a successful plastic surgeon. Yet she closed her practice and embarked on a farming career. She jumped right in and today she operates Bent Limb Farm in Shoemakersville. Why such a drastic transition in her 50’s? Well Pam says she likes to knit and wool is itchy. Truth is she didn’t want to drift through her 50’s so Pam sought direction and guidance about her next life chapter with a life coach. That conversation gave her clarity and she knew she was ready for something different. This new incarnation for Dr Pam Ellenberger is another success. Check out www.bentlimbfarm.com Visit the farm and the shop. The beautifully crafted items don’t itch! They are incredibly soft! Dr Pam Ellenberger’s story is a salute to change, growth and new beginnings. After all, isn’t that what life is all about!