What's Up in My World? Reflections on the Quarantine Life


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Gr8 Expectations


Thank you so much for joining us today. I’m your host, Mr. Cavey, and you’re listening to the Gr8 Expectations podcast, featuring real conversations with real 8th graders. TODAY’S TOPIC You’re about to hear students read writing pieces from the first week of April 2020. Students were asked to address the question of “What’s Up in Your World?” from their first week of remote learning. At the time they reflected on this question, it had already been over three weeks since the last day of classes, and we were one week removed from our two-week spring break. You’ll hear some students reflecting back on their spring break experiences, while other students talk about the quarantine life at home. OUR LEARNING TARGET ?Learning Target: I can ... use different features and forms according to audience, purpose, and message. I’m your host, Mr. Cavey, thanking you for joining us on this episode of Gr8 Expectations - real conversations with real 8th graders.