When A Women Steps Up & Owns Her Sh*t! Accountability,Forgiveness&Expectations


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The Revisit and the Reboot!!! Let's take a look back at this fan favorite:) Women taking accountability for their role in the demise of a relationship or the relationship being in distress. What expectation do you  have once we take accountability for your offenses and poor judgement? Is forgiveness or restoration one of your expectation? Tune in to the discussiON   DivaSpeaks Relationships is THE hottest, Relationship Podcast AND Local television show in Charlotte NC‼️ Subscribe to the podcast ? AND   DivaSpeaks Relationships Talk Show airs on  every 2nd and 4th Friday nights EST.... ( Access21) Via Spectrum Cable AT&T UVerse Roku TV Or stream it live on the station website! Video on demand is available on the station website: TvAccess21.Com AND Catch me on my NEW platform tomorrow night!!!!!! Via: Roku, Android tv, Fire tv, Apple TV Or visit: EmpoweredLivingTV.Com   Check me out tomorrow night at 11PM EST ❤️   Download the Empowered Living TV App today❤️   DivaSpeaks Relationships Ministries is now available on the NOW TV Network Video on Demand ❤️ **Download the NOW APP**   https://www.thenownetwork.org/angalaportorreal   DivaSpeaks Relationships has an additional NEW HOME @ Strimm Television Strimm.Com/DivaSpeaks   Find us also on: Dailymotion! TIKTOK: DivaSoeaksRelationships1 Instagram: DivaSpeaks_Official Subscribe to the podcast at: DivaSpeaks.Podbean.Com Or Diva-Speaks-Official.Com My older  television shows are uploaded to my website and YouTube channel ?   DivaSpeaks Relationships Podcast is available wherever you listen to podcast!   #Relationships #Love #Podcast #Subscribe #Charlotte #ExplorePage #Dating #BadBreakUps #Heal #Single #Couples #marriage he Reboot! Revisit this Fan Favorite!!