Where to Start With Your Side Hustle or Entrepreneur Endeavor


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Chasing This


Finding your why and vetting out a good product or service Is a good first step to start your side hustle. As entrepreneurs, It's easy to get down on ourselves and distracted. Leveraging your 'why' will help you maintain that motivation. In this episode, Chasing This also goes over things to think about as you decide a potential product or service. Why Is your product or service better than what's In the space today? What Is the TAM? Is It ubiquitous? Once you have your product Chasing This will start to dive Into how to get that first customer. Whether through digital marketing, crowdfunding, trade-shows, etc. Listen to Chasing This to help build that residual Income you've always wanted, as you take your side hustle or full-time entrepreneur gig to the next level.