Why Brand is the Biggest Risk in Investing (on Don’t Be Sour) Pt. 1 - Feb. ‘23 | Ep 540


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The Game w/ Alex Hormozi


"Strategic buyers tend to buy businesses for more than financial buyers do." Today, join Alex (@AlexHormozi) as he guests on Don’t Be Sour to talk about his background in building and investing in businesses, the importance of understanding a company's value, the risks associated with investing in a brand, and the variables that go into valuing a business. He also emphasizes the need for multiple sources of acquisition and unique mechanisms to give competitive advantages. This is part 1 of the interview.Welcome to The Game Podcast where we talk about how to get more customers, make more profit per customer, and keep them longer, and the many failures and lessons we have learned along the way to $100M in sales. We've got roll-up-your-sleeves kind of hustle with a little bit of cleverness and a lot of heart. Check out the episode on Don't Be Sour's YouTube Channel!Timestamps:(6:07) - Acquisition.com and minority investments(17:36) - Raising money in business(24:10) - Acquisition and building a personal brand(30:24) - Content creation and online fame(39:13) - The issues with alternative education(45:03) - The value of accountability in businessFollow Alex Hormozi’s Socials:LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Twitter | Acquisition