"Why Do I This To Myself? You Can't See Me." | Gabbing About Movies | Episode 16


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YAP - Yet Another Podcast


Stuck home with the nasty C'virus? Well, why not watch some movies and then hear two film nerds talk about said films. Well... enjoy! A terrible intro: 0:00Annie Hall (1977): 6:10The Raid (2011): 24:55 The Host (2006): 32:25Birds of Prey (2020): 41:57Jojo Rabbit (2019): 48:52Little Women (2019): 56:05Little Women (Spoilers): 1:02:01The Outsider (2020) (Spoilers): 1:15:43Onward (& Playdate with Destiny, 2020): 1:24:59Death Proof (2007): 1:35:19Inglouries Bastards (2009): 1:46:50Overlord (2018): 1:55:37Sonic The Hedgehog (2020): 2:02:15The Invisible Man (2020): 2:10:55 Blockers (2018) : 2:15:32The Way Way Back (2013): 2:19:28List of the Month 2:22:17 Jonas has to watch REC (2007) while Antonio has to watch The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) for next episode.