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Of Secrets, Nature ... and ... of my Cats


For the audio Podcast of this poem, click below on title in bold: WINDWALKERYou can also get this Podcast from iTunes!This is a poem about the WindWalker - a Shaman who walks between the Worlds. It is about how they wield the energies between the Worlds and that they can be a cause for the mending of those energies of the worlds.It is also a poem I wrote several years ago because of a Lucid Dream, or what I personally would call an Astral Walk... In that especial experience I looked up to see many colored ribbons in the sky coming down to Earth. A Healer Spirit next to me informed me that those colored ribbons represented the help souls were giving from the other side to the physical for various illnesses and problems... It is therefore a poem of healing.For a pdf file for the words of this poem click here: Windwalker.pdfTo contact me, you may email me at:,or visit my WebSite at: www.EldritchTradition.comIf you'd like to Subscribe to this Feed at Feedburner, click on image below: