Work-Life Balance What? Does This Even Exist? What Does Balance Mean Anyway?


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Agile Living, An Entrepreneurs Journey


How do you balance work and family life? How do you cope with the stress in work and life and do you even have time to take care of yourself? That is why you need to listen to today’s episode as Jon tackles the answers to these questions with Jeremy Choi, an entrepreneur handling three businesses, a husband, and a dad. Jeremy shares how he tries to dedicate time exclusively for his work, family life, and taking care of himself. And what’s more, Jeremy gave one exercise that he does even inside the car that helps him relax and one habit that makes him focus on the most important thing in life.   “I feel like sometimes I'm just the babysitter not really a dad.” -Jeremy Choi Subscribe to the podcast on: Apple Podcast Stitcher Castbox PodBean TuneIn Radio   Timestamps: 00:56 - Jeremy's background as an entrepreneur and business leader01:49 - Is there really a balance between work and family life07:05 - How his wife made him realize that he's spending way more time in work than in his health or their family relationship09:07 - Here's what you can do to dedicate your focused time exclusively on work and family life11:21 - The importance of consistent communication, planning, and agreement between husband and wife to try and maintain balance at work and family life12:49 - Knowing when to say NO to have more time for important things, the mindset of doing more with less, and hiring people to help you18:05 - Relaxation and having time for yourself plus Jeremy's breathing exercise that helps him relax19:16 - Benefits of breathing exercise and one example of breathing technique that Jeremy does to relax and balance himself21:21 - Jeremy's habit every morning that makes him focus more in his wife and kids Resources: Agility CMS Cameron Herold Kira Leskew Agile Living Episode 12 - Hello? Are you paying attention or on your phone? Technology and focus with Bruce Bowser co-author of 'The Focus Effect'   Connect with Jeremy: Instagram   Connect with Jon: Facebook LinkedIn