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Quiet As It's Kept

True Crime

This week, Kristen switches things up and covers the intricate plot to imprison Michelle Hadley. Michelle Hadley (00:15:34)If you enjoy the show, please rate, review and subscribe on Apple Podcasts! A little feedback goes a long way :) Thank you!ALSO! Big announcement - we launched the official Quiet As It's Kept website where the "True Crime Is My Love Language" mug is now available to buy (just in time for Valentines' Day)! Keepers can save 10% on your purchase by using code: KEEPERS10  at checkout! And don’t forget to follow @quietasitkeptpodcast on IG and let us know what you think of this episode and look at the graphics that D'Janai works so hard on. Also follow @qaikthepodcast on Twitter for updates!