You Can’t Afford to Stay Invisible!


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My Kick-Ass Dream Life


You Can’t Afford to Stay Invisibleand have a Kick-Ass Biz Are you hiding out in your business? Keeping that ‘freak flag’ in the closet so other’s won’t get their panties in a bunch ? Have you even tried to ‘dumb down’ or ‘quash’ some of the very qualities and characteristics that would make you more marketable and more memorable.You know…playing it safe so you can ‘fit in.’   Or maybe you have had to ‘settle’ for working in a way that feels awkward because some coach or marketer told you that you should go down a certain path to be successful. If you are feeling these things I have two words –STOP IT! You owe it to yourself and those you are supposed to serve to get your big, bold, shiny self out there in a way that serves you, attracts the cool people  you are destined to work with, and makes for a business you love. And that’s why I’m interviewing my coach – Therese Skelly who’s gonna bust some myths and shake things up with her “Inner Marketing” concepts. I’ve been working with Therese for the last 5 months and have gotten clear on the places where I get hung up and my mindset keeps me from really putting myself out there.You’ll leave this call understanding why it’s not okay in this new economy to be a little invisible. You’ll discover the mindset you need to shift in to fully own your unique brand, and what will prevent you from having the courage to weave that through your marketing. And mostly, you’ll be inspired, get permission, and know the next steps to take.