Zindagi Ko Badalne Ka Waqt Aa Gaya Hai... | It's Time To Change | Ep.30


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When life seems like a dead end, what do you do?

There comes a point in life where you feel like this is it! If I don't do anything, I'll be stuck here forever... And I was NOT OKAY WITH THAT!

In this candid chat, I share my story, a point in my life that changed my entire world. Through this video, I am going to share a mindset that helped me get through my absolute worst and turned my life around and today it's going to change your life too.

I hope this video guides you to a better tomorrow.

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Alshukran Bandhu,

Alshukran Zindagi.



0:50 Life mein kuch thik nahi ho raha

2:10 The difference between You & Me

4:00 After failure, what to do?

7:38 The chance that changed my life

9:43 Why do we face failures?

10:16 How to deal with failures?

10:57 Tata Steel Ad that inspired me

11:50 Jab tak Zinda Ho, Ummeed Mat Haro