3 Poets 1 Theme

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Every emotion in life can be explained with poetry. Embark with me on this journey of exploring every emotion with poems of 3 different poets from across the world. P.s.: I might sneak in my own poems into the set sometimes!

Eyes (S2 E1)

We are finally back with Season 2 of the show! On this show we bring you 3 poems on 1 theme. today, we talk about every poet's favorite topic - Eye...

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Episode 4 : Family

Times have been tough for a lot of us. But for a lot of us, there is barely any support to get through these times. That's why the podcasting commu...

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Episode 3 : Food

Everyone loves food. So I got some poems out to celebrate everyone's love for it! In this episode, we have poems from Dhoomil, Muneer Niyazi, and o...

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Episode 2 : Compassion

We live in turbulent times today. But if everyone did their part towards society, it would be easier to get through these times. In this episode, w...

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Episode 1 : Life

In this episode we explore the theme of life through the poems of Munner Niyazi, Nida Fazli and Rahat Indori.

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