52 song project

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Two song writers challenge themselves to record and share a new original song every week for one year.

Song 52: It’s over, the end

Friends, thanks for sticking with us throughout this journey. It’s been a long time since this stupid crazy thing began, and we’ve had a l...
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Song 51: In an instant

Well, it’s officially Christmas Eve Day, and I know I am late. I have battled with this song for the past 40 hours. I have complained before abo...
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Song 50: Advent song (live)

Last week, Steve sang about Christmas. This week, Chris sings about advent. Sorry folks, there’s no escape. Also, in a 52 song project first, th...
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Song 49: Tom’s Christmas

Tonight’s song started out with a talk with a good friend of mine. We talked about greed, love, the demise of humans… you know, the usual ...
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Song 48: That’s what they say

Sit down at your piano without any ideas. Start with Bennie and the Jets (or this Ben Folds song, doesn’t matter either way), then, casually gla...
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Song 47: Tell me that you will do

The last song that Steve wrote was very, very much out of the element of the 52sp. With little to no feedback on it, Steve has assumed that he should ...
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Song 46: Too late to celebrate

Imagine a big musical number. Now remove all of the instruments and professional singers, keeping only a piano and Chris. Now make sure that the piano...
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Song 45: Party on Mars

For starters, we didn’t forget about the song, or release it late by accident. There is only one day, ever, that we can release a song at 11:11a...
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Song 44: I die

This, our 9th last song (!!), is probably best described as a cross between Apples in Stereo and Foo Fighters (or maybe just Dave without the band). L...
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