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Escape the world every week – listen now for 10 minutes of sci-fi and fantasy. Every kind of science fiction and fantasy from epic fantasy, space opera, hilarious aliens, surreal moments, time travel romances, political espionage, and so much more! Flash fiction that fits your life and lets you explore a new world weekly. Find more including submissions on 600secondsaga.com

Flash City

Donald Carrick is a writer and public speaker from Glasgow, Scotland and he is currently based out of the city of Edinburgh. He has previously collabo...
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Hope for the Defective

Karen Heslop writes from Kingston, Jamaica. Her stories can be found Broadswords and Blasters, The Future Fire and Apparition Lit Mag among others. Sh...
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Obscured Skies

D.J. Rozell is a Nobel Laureate and Pulitzer Prize winner in at least one timeline of the infinite multiverse. But not this one. His fiction writing c...
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Damien Krsteski writes fiction and develops software, and some of his stories have appeared in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Metaphorosis, Future Fire, and...
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Dead Men's Clothes

This story is a reprint and was originally published by Dead Men's Clothes - Theme of Absence Eddie D. Moore travels extensively for work, and he spen...
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The Skogkatt

The story was originally published by Every Day Fiction on December 26, 2017. James Blakey is a network engineer in suburban Philadelphia. He has clim...
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Roger Ley was born and educated in London. He worked as an engineer in the oilfields of North Africa and the North Sea, before joining the nuclear ind...
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After 5+ years of being a librarian in a small town in Western Maryland, Moira quit to pursue her dream of writing full-time. In addition to being a w...
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Meet Me in Okhotsk

Sarah Daniels writes stories from her home in rural Lincolnshire. She is a graduate of the CBC Online Novel Writing Course. Her work has appeared in G...
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Locked Eyes

Before she started the Your Brain On Facts podcast as a way to vent the copious factoids from her brain, Moxie LaBouche performed and produced burlesq...
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