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What's up! We're Anthony, Alex, and Kevin and this is an all sports podcast. We're diving into the sports world to bring you fun and interesting topics every week.

NBA Breakdown

In part 3 of this episode we do a last breakdown of how this NBA season went. What was this Finals like with the Suns and Bucks? We also debate who we...
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AFC South Three Words

In part 2 of this episode we go through the AFC South and use three words for each team as we prepare for the new season. The AFC south is composed of...
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Three Words (NL), Buy or Sell

In part 1 of this episode we play another round of three words in the National League. We use three words to discuss what's going on with each team in...
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AFC North Three Words

In part 3 of this episode we're getting a head start on the upcoming NFL season with more three words. We're going through each division and doing thr...
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MLB All Star Weekend Recap

In part 1 for this episode we recap all star weekend in the MLB. Shohei Ohtani goes out in the first round of the Home Run Derby and Pete Alonso puts ...
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NIL, All Star Game Preview

In part 3 this week we discuss the recent news with the NCAA officially allowing student athletes to profit off their Name, Image, and Likeness. What ...
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