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'About To Drop!' is a podcast where we interview indie artists about new music they are about to release. I’m your host, Bhauraw Avhad, aka VRTIGO. I’m a pop producer that works with indie artists and songwriters to create, record, and release new music. I’ve found that I have a lot of similar conversations with newer, indie artists and I thought itd be useful for us to hear about other artists processes, struggles, stories, and best practices. Hopefully you find something useful for your own career and at the least, find a new artist whos music you can check out.


CAROLINE is a teen pop singer based in Los Angeles with Southern roots in North Carolina. CAROLINE has been singing, writing songs, and performing her...
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Thos. Christopher

Singer/Songwriter. Philadelphia born and raised.Tom is one of the first artists I worked with when I started making a real push to producing music ful...
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Lauren Light

Pop Singer-Songwriter, Lauren Light is a force to be Reckoned with. The Berklee grad has played over 800 shows, in over 30 states across the US. Playi...
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Valerie Faye

Valerie Faye is an artist and songwriter from NYC. Her and I sat in my studio to talk about her upcoming debut single 'Not Juliet'. We go into her pro...
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Jordan Perry

Jordan Perry writes music for other people for a living. The excitement of taking another artist’s ideas and turning them into fully realized recordin...
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John Clark

John Clark is an indie/psychedelic rock artist and a real DIY'er. We spoke about his multiple projects, his beginnings in music, and how being a fathe...
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JoeJas is a UK based artist and producer. We talked about how he got his start in music, what the scene has been like in the UK and we went into his p...
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Josh Schneider

Josh Schneider is a singer songwriter that writes. produces, and records all his own music. We spoke about his musical journey and how his faith has p...
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Merlot Embargo

Merlot Embargo is a collective of humans from Los Angeles headed by singer/songwriter and guitarist/producer pair (and wife/husband) Scarlet and Geoff...
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Enoch Yang

Enoch is a pop producer and artist based in the Los Angeles area. We spoke a few months ago about his start in music and how he transitioned over time...
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