ACE LAB Presents: Higher Learning The Podcast

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Where cannabis and spirituality meet. In every episode, you’ll learn more about cannabis culture and how it intersects with spirituality. Be inspired by the unconventional wisdom of our peers and experts as they help us get to a higher state of consciousness. Visit us at and on Instagram

EP 31: Thank You, Next

It’s ACE LAB’s first birthday y’all! To celebrate this milestone we’re closing out Season 3 with Heavy Hitter’s hybrid strain, Mimosa. Let’s toast ove...
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EP 30: No More Inherited Trauma

?It has been proven through scientific research, that trauma gets handed down from one generation to the next. And chile, we can attest to that! Our a...
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EP 24: 28,000 Days to Slay

?According to the US Centers for Disease Control, the life expectancy of the average human is 78.6 years old which translates to 28,000+ days. For our...
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