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Each week Alyssa, Matty B, Vito and a guest watch a Disney Channel Original Movie and try to connect the universes of each film. CAN THEY DO IT FOR ALL 106? Stay tuned and find out!

Episode Fourteen: Horse Sense

It's our Halloween episode with the scariest one yet: Horse Sense. The Lawrence brothers and horses! What could be scarier? For Matt Drury, nothing. A...
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Episode Twelve: Genius

It's hockey/ ice skating episode with a lil bit Alyssa, Matt, Vito and special guest Christina, watch Genius and discuss. P.S. that dea...
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Episode Eleven: Johnny Tsunami

Matt Drury, Vito and Alyssa Lisiecki talk about surfing and snowboarding, bro! We are also joined by our most extreme friend: Will!! Check it out!
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Episode Ten: Smart House

For the love of God I warn you all this episode is explicit! Alyssa Lisiecki, Matt Drury, Vito, Logan Baggerly, and Megan Castleberry get down and dir...
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Episode Nine: The Thirteenth Year

Boy oh boy....Alyssa Lisiecki, Matt Drury, Vito and Logan Baggerly come together to talk about probably the most draining DCOM of all time. Unexpected...
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Episode Eight: Can of Worms

Alyssa, Matt, and Vito; with special guest Joey Vick, take on Can of Worms. A movie we all thought would help bring the universe together but may in f...
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Episode Six: Halloweentown

Check out a very spooooky episode with Alyssa, Matt, Vito and special guest Nicole LaCroix (our spookiest friend). We talk about pocket dimensions and...
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Episode Five: Brink!

Alyssa Lisiecki, Matt Drury, Vito, and special guest Will Sherburne break down the extremely rad skating movie Brink. Will is our designated sports gu...
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