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Are there things you want to do in life? Do you have goals for yourself?This podcast can help you take practical action steps to create a life that you absolutely love! Your host, Paden, is a certified performance life coach and CEO of Up It. Listen every week (Thursday) for your weekly doze of actionable tips and strategies that can help you with what you want to achieve in life.

How to Focus Without Focusing?

How to focus on your goals without focusing? Learning to focus on your goals is a critical skill to develop. This week on Up It, we’re discovering how...
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Releasing Negative Emotions

Releasing negative emotions Releasing negative emotions is a skill that you can benefit immensely from having. This week on Up It, we’re discussing ne...
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How to Set Healthy Boundaries

How to set healthy boundaries? Set healthy boundaries with Up It. Boundaries can empower you. In this episode we deep dive into how to set boundaries....
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Why Am I Not Happy with Myself?

Why am I not happy with myself. This is a question which many of us ask ourselves. In this episode of Up it, we’re talking about why you’re not happy ...
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What's Changing?

Here’s a look at my YouTube Journey and what is changing. What I have learnt about how to grow on YouTube. Two pieces of news in this episode of what’...
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How to Overcome Self-Doubt

How to overcome self-doubt? This week on Up It, we’re discussing how to overcome fear, especially self-doubt. This episode covers simple tips to overc...
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