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Matthew and Ben review all the Episodes of popular action and story driven animated shows!


Just a heads up for the state of the podcast during these quarantined times.
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Avatar Legend of Korra S4 Ep 7-9

AUDIO WARNING!!! Because of the current pandemic Matt and Ben had to record their audio separately for this episode. The audio quality isn't up to it'...
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Movie Garbage Ep 3: Troll 2

The Movie garbage crew hit an absolute classic, Troll 2! Equipped with plenty of drinks and knowledge from the documentary Ed and Matt share their tho...
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Young Justice S3 Ep 18-21

We're approaching the end of the series as of NOW. We start off with a very special episode about serious topics, and the real-world issiues keep goin...
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Avatar Legend of Korra S4 Ep 14-6

This week Matt and Ben are out on their own again in Legend of Korra. Plenty of Kuvira love, as well as love for the greatest Earth-bender there is To...
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Young Justice S3 Ep 14-17

This batch of episodes coincidentally all tied into the same plot, the development of the Outsiders Team. Specifically the social Media focused group ...
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Avatar Legend of Korra S4 Ep 1-3

Special guests, Ed and Chris, join the Action Toon Bros once again. This time for a season premiere, Korra season 4. Where we meet the great Uniter of...
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Young Justice S3 Ep 10-13

This week with Young Justice we follow Halo and Forager to School and meet some new Batman Inc. members, as well as get a CRAZY crossover with Teen Ti...
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Special Ep: "Onward"

This Week the boys cover the new Disney Pixar Movie "Onward" in their second Movie special episode. Learn of the hosts fondness for tabletop games, an...
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