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Episode 25- Wayfair Conspiracy

But one storage closet and get children free?? the craziest conspiracy on the popular Wayfair furniture website has been all over twitter and tiktok. ...
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Episode 24 - La Pascualita

a real life corpse bride....witchcraft??? a french lover magician? hold onto your bouquets for this odd urban legend of the scariest mannequin ever se...
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Episode 23 - Issei Sagawa

Celebrity, Author, Food critic, poetry loving and Cannibal?  All these amazing accomplishments packed into one crazy 4/9 Japanese man. --- Support thi...
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Episode 23-Killer Letters

I always wondered what kind of writing murderers or psychopaths write to express themselves or describe their devious acts. Well look no further horro...
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Episode 22 -Weepy Voiced Killer

Ever heard of a crying, regretful murderer? me neither. But this is the story of how Paul Michael Stephani, also known as the Weepy-Voiced Killer cowa...
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Episode 21-Mcdonalds Massacre

I don't think anyone will McLovin these unfortunate victims that took place in the San Ysidro neighborhood of San Diego, California, on July 18, 1984....
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Episode 20-Sylvia Likens

Have you ever thought what your neighbors are like? Some could be Netflix addicts, musicians or maybe they have a little girl trapped in the basement ...
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Episode 18-CreepyPasta Narration

Another creepypasta narration called Dont let them in by Maddie Kate.  I DO NOT OWN THIS STORY I AM SIMPLY GIVING MY NARRATION --- Support this podcas...
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