Actively Begging

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Join Steven, Tom, and Jake while they debate various topics every week!

#18 - A Bee is Yellow

Getting primal on today's episode with a battle of animal titans. But should be winner be prosecuted? Animals being governed by our laws is a hot topi...
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#17 - The Night Of Firewalls

The Amazon is on fire! We all feel bad about it, but did you actually donate? It's time for a mental health check on the effect of porn on your life. ...
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#16 - White hat or Black hat

Jake has his own secret weapon to steal the competition from Tom and Steven (its way better than Steven's). Speaking of stealing, the guys embrace the...
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#15 - Get to Know the Guys

On this episode we put down the fisty cuffs and talk about our favorite childhood pastimes. TV, video games, music, video games, movies, video games, ...
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#14 - The Time Travelers Vacation

We welcome our first guest on todays episode when Mike, recent visitor of Alaska, expert of all things margarita, joins the deabte with Tom Steven and...
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#13 - Poop Sandwiches

Fecal matter is all around, but how much would it take for you to be the employee to test for it? If you haven't had a PBJ & Cheese its time to give i...
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#12 - Running on Huel

Hey beggers, BIG episode this week as our famished debaters square off . First weigh in is in the books and you'll never believe who takes an early le...
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#8 - Poké Cage Fight

Who's your favorite Pokémon? It doesn't get cooler than the squirtle squad. Would you rather Nurse Joy, or Nurse Robo? The Biebs is challenging Tom Cr...
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