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Addicted to Fishing! Talking Steelhead, Salmon, Bass, Walleye, Trout and beyond!

Introducing Yakima Bait Company

We're excited to bring Yakima Bait on as a new sponsor of Addicted Fishing. In this episode we talk to Jarrod about some history, products and more! 
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Winter Steelhead Season is OVER!!

Today we have Jordan, Marlin, and Josh in the studio talking about the end of steelhead season. We cover how fishing was this season, tips and tricks ...
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Spring Salmon Fishing & More!

Today we have Jordan, Eric, & Cameron talking about spring salmon fishing tips, tricks, and techniques. Trolling, lures, baits, rods, etc. Educate - E...
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Fishing Adventures - Explore More!

Today we have Jordan, Cameron, & Marlin talking about fishing adventures. Going out and exploring to find new waters, new fish, and new fun! Educate -...
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Can You Actually "READ" Water?

Today we have Jordan, Cameron, & Josh talking all things reading water. Currents, holes, riffles, pools, high water, low water, were talking all thing...
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