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?”Hey guys!!! We are Address It! We’re here to bring you the real news, the tea, and the shit they don’t say!!!” Check us out each and every Saturday same time same place. ? Follow us on IG @addressit_ta


S4 Ep4!! Today I discussed the recent Elections briefly on my views about it. As African-American was you told to always vote democrat??? I want to he...
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Keeping IT REAL

Today we discussed relationships and what we won’t accept. The shot people think about but don’t say. *** I don’t own rights to this music.*** --- Thi...
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Today We discussed the meaning of WAP. How mean and woman using things to get there way in the world. Rest In Peace Chadwick Boseman. ****I don’t own ...
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Unapologetic_TP (Trailer)

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Today I discussed the typical dating issues that we have while dating in America. **I don’t own the right to this music.*** --- This episode is sponso...
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Stereotypes 8•8

Today we discussed stereotypes involving certain people, places, and things. We also discussed current events and hot topics. *We do not own the right...
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Who Should Bring Home The Bacon?

Today we talked about who should be responsible for bringing money into the household. We also discussed current events in the media. **We do not own ...
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D.O.E- Dick Over Everything

Today we talked about the phenomenon of dick superseding everything. We also discussed current events in the world and on social media. --- This episo...
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