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Tit for Cack

Full cast on this episode, Cheech's got big news, Machete had a house guest and Katie is living big in Michigan(???). Plus news on Patreon only shows....
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Adele Beckham Jr.

Katie is back and we discuss death, the Super Bowl, the Halftime Show, and going to the movies.  For Patreon Members watch: The Power of the Dog (Netf...
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All Apologies

Just Cheech and Machete here again discussing, The Book Of Bobba, Keeping it Crispy, Bill Maher, and more Rogan.  --- Support this podcast: https://an...
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On this ep Cheech and Ernie discuss, M&M's Bill Maher, Joe Rogan, Mandates, and Football.  --- Support this podcast:
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High Volume Low Cal

On this episode we discuss Football, Jay Z, Chet's Diet, Katie's Parents, and Cheech has Covid Shoulder. For Patreon Members next week we watch: Spun ...
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2022 State of the Union

First up we drop a little news about the show going forward. Then Cheech has a theory about masks and ugliness, Machete is talking drake, and Katie we...
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ADHD Reviews?

On this episode Cheech is still battling his covid drama so we're gonna have light week.  Homework Wall Street (1987) - HBO Max Falling Down - VOD Kin...
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on this episode Cheech talk about his run in with the vidddy and white privilege.  --- Support this podcast:
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Covid Skanks

Chet is back still feeling the covid tho, Katie is changing her life, and Cheech wants to bring on the competition.  --- Support this podcast: https:/...
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