Adjust Your Mirrors| Success with Empowerment Coach Reginald C. Allen

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Adjust Your Mirrors is a podcast show dedicated to motivating, challenging, and empowering communities, individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations. This show is devoted to helping you see more clearly by making small adjustments. If you're looking for authenticity and life changing principles, Adjust Your Mirrors is the show for you!

Pay Attention to The Signs

Oftentimes when traveling through unchartered territories we allow the GPS to be our conductor. While GPS is an essential tool that helps guide and di...
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Becoming The CEO Of Your Life

Will you allow the mistakes of your past define your ability to become successful? In this episode, I speak on three principles that will help us move...
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Learning How to Fly Again

2020 brought several life changing events, which some of us experienced death, financial shortcomings, and unbelievable challenges. Whereas some have ...
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Ain't No Stopping Us Now

One of the most important factors to achieving our purpose is self belief. Without believing in ourselves limits our ability to fulfill our purpose. I...
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I Can Only Be Me have heard me say several times that we all have a purpose. Well, add this to the many other times that you've heard me say… WE ALL HAV...
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