Aff The Cuff

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The unscripted podcast where anything can happen... hosted by yer two new pals James & Jonny.

Episode 20: It's All Over

It's our final episode of Aff The Cuff... Season 1! We'll be back very soon with some new and exciting things... which we're still to come up with. Ke...
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Episode 19: Hello Fae Paisley

We're back for the penultimate episode in Season 1 of Aff the Cuff! We pay tribute to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, we visit Top Topic, get a little...
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Episode 18: School Disco Winch

Episode 18 is here and with that, we bring you our top five tuck shop or pick n mix items, we throw it back with some funny flashbacks and finish with...
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Episode 17: Ten Past Ten

Yooohooo! We back, baby! Another week closer to freedom out of this lockdown but we're stilling powering through. In episode 17, we count down our top...
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Episode 16: Gregor's Flat Party

Another week, another reason for us to go Aff The Cuff! In episode 16, we change up Top Topic, we hear from CasCas G of Clyde1 fame, we hear about Gre...
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Episode 14: The Strangest Story

Back once again are the Aff The Cuff masters! The boys are back talking all things 'Top Topic', where they go all Italian. You'll hear the strangest s...
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Episode 13: Shitey Chain Mail

We are BACKKKK! Episode 13 is here to grace your ears. We've got a sunshine inspired Top Topic, some lockdown rants and fun facts thrown in for good m...
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Episode 12: Ya Specky Mosher

The isolation episodes continue as we go Aff The Cuff! We're talking absolute minimal effort scran, revisiting James' dark past (he was a pure mosher ...
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Episode 11: James is Engaged!

The boys are back in town! Well, we are... every Wednesday. In this episode we chat about the huge news that James has, along with visiting Top Topic ...
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