AFROPUNK Solution Sessions

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AFROPUNK Solution Sessions uses the spirit and power of community to tackle the most important conversations about how culture, activism, and politics impact young folks of color in a way that achieves positive results.

Death To Executions

It probably won’t surprise you that the death penalty in America is a racist practice, but it's also sloppily applied, expensive, and not actually wor...
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Rest As Reparations

Black folks get less sleep than white people and this racial sleep gap has physical and mental consequences, but it’s also deeper than that. To challe...
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The People's Champ: Elaine Brown

Elaine Brown is a legend. Her activism, her art, her music, and her writing speaks for itself. She’s been dedicated to fighting for Black liberation f...
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Art In Action

Black people have been making all kinds of art for forever -- for utility, for creative expression, for activism. What does it look like when our art ...
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Digital Blackness 2.0

Black folks basically invented the internet. Or at least we made it worth visiting. But just like in real life, Black identity is constantly threatene...
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AFROPUNK: Punk By Necessity

We’re taking it back to the beginning! In this episode Bridget & Yves explore the history of AFROPUNK and discuss the “solutions” that both AFROPUNK t...
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Here at AFROPUNK, we say f**k respectability! Expressing ourselves as we are, for who we are, is what we do. Raquel Willis, Michaela Angela Davis, Lon...
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Reclaiming Our Space

To be Black in America is to be constantly reminded of your oppression and Otherness. But that hasn't stopped us from healing and making our own damn ...
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Bus Stop

From the denial of education for Black people to school segregation, the American education system is rooted in systemic racism. Yet America still pla...
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In a Box

The prison system is a well-oiled, oppressive machine that affects Black people disproportionately, continuing America's legacy of slavery and governm...
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