After Party With Aubrey and Kylie

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Just two teenage girls (Aubrey & Kylie) who discuss happenings and enjoy listening to podcasts, just like you.

11 - Poop Stories

Happy New Year! Aubrey and Kylie start off with doing a lame 2017 in review then go on to talk about nonsense as usual.DOWNLOAD LINK
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08- We're Back

Aubrey and Kylie come back after about a month hiatus. They discuss the happenings in their life and Kylie plays music trivia.DOWNLOAD LINK
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07- Nuclear Winter

Today Aubrey and Kylie play nuclear winter, thanks Jenna and Julien for this idea. (We are just bootlegs of Jenna and Julien)DOWNLOAD LINK
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06- Our Future Together

Aubrey and Kylie are back from missing a week!! They discuss their future together and talk about times at school. See you next Tuesday!DOWNLOAD LINK 
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05- Death & Zodiac Signs

This week Aubrey and Kylie talk about their fears of dying and take buzzfeed quizzes, which you can take as they do too. The link is in this bio. We l...
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04- Conspiracy Theories

*For some reason this episode won't play on the Podcasts app so please click the download link below and it should work!!*This one was requested! Aubr...
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