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We believe that the power of God's unconditional love and the message of God's grace brings about a total life transformation. Join Agape Radio as Pastor Chris Harrison and his many guests share from the Bible and from real life experience the word that will change your life forever!

Stories that Empower

There are stories from our real life that are very radical about how we took chances to share the gospel in crazy situations and this will empower you...
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What the hell?

What is hell all about? How could a good God torcher people for eternity in hell? Is hell forever or will there eventually be an end to it? Is it a re...
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Being A PK Can Really SUCK!!

This podcast if very personal to Pastor Chris. Many PK's or pastors kids or others raised in ministry have a negative view of their parents or a negat...
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The Covenant of Seven

At Jacobs well a woman has a special encounter with Jesus but She has not idea who she was talking to or what the significance of that well was. The v...
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Picking Up The Spoils

Jesus spoiled Satan's kingdom at the cross and left many blessings for Christians to walk in although they don't often walk in it for a lack of knowle...
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End Times and Revival

Did you know that God promises not only that we are going to face difficult times but also that he's going to pour out his spirit in a way that shakes...
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The Spirit Filled Life

The Spirit Filled Life is the supernaturally empowered christian walk by a person who has been completely baptized in the Holy Spirit. Learn how to ac...
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