Age Like Fine Crime

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Age Like Fine Crime is a true crime podcast covering everything from massacres, unsolved crimes, serial killers and creepy conspiracies from around Asia.

CHINA - Arbe Chan & Lamu

This week's episode is a twofer.According to the World Health Organization, one in three women around the world experience physical or sexual vio...
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SINGAPORE - The Curry Murder

For decades, curry, has been synonymous with Asian cuisine. The smell of curry is so potent, that it has been used in the past by drug smugglers to di...
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INDIA - Bhangarh Fort

~Supernatural Halloween Special~At the foot of the rolling green Aravali hills lies one of India's most haunted places-- Bhangarh fort. While bar...
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JAPAN - Setagaya Family Murder

On the 31st of December, 2000, while the rest of Japan celebrated and counted down to the New Year, the people in a tiny suburb of Tokyo, were mournin...
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INDIA - Payal Surekha

INDIA: In 2010, a woman was savagely murdered in her apartment. In less than a week, the police had a suspect in custody and enough evidence to convic...
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