Aged and Confused

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Real conversations, real questions

Classic Dick and Fall

James and Craig return after a biblical-scale hiatus to backfill the listeners on missed events and random thoughts. Corona hits the homestead and hom...
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The Train Wreck

Thanks to some creative technical troubleshooting by James and a whole lot of life happening, this buffet of disjointed manure is presented for your l...
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Dude Maintain

The Whore Whisperer emerges as a key player to the show as an episode of his poonany pursuits unfolds.
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An Innocent Tease

An Innocent Tease (Click link for direct download) James and Craig rejoin to discuss the ongoing war of life in our 40’s.  An update to the group’s so...
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Camp Cornhole 2

Camp Cornhole 2 (Click link to for direct download) It turns out there IS a country for old men.  Overcoming both natural disaster and technical diffi...
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The Story of Hardcase

The Story of Hardcase (Click to left for direct download) James, Marc, and Craig relay the story of Hardcase — the rock band that brought us all toget...
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Druids and their LIES

Druids and their Lies (Click link to left for direct download) Craig and James re-unite to discuss prom dates of old, the rock-band days, a visit to S...
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Coincidence (Click to the left for direct download) Your relationship could be perfect, but there’s a cost.  Marc, James and Craig return to discuss a...
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