Agents in Action

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The Agents in Action podcast provides education, inspiration and strategies for real estate agents to take action. Each episode is drawn from a collection of lessons, mistakes, and scripts developed by Todd Smith, all shared with no spin. Whether you are just beginning your real estate career or a seasoned veteran, you will learn how to take action. With Agents in Action, Todd Smith and host Jody Maberry will share exactly what it will take to win at a high level in Real Estate.

Personality Styles 101

Personality Styles 101 - Today we’re going to discuss the D.I.S.C personality styles and how to use this system to have more influence with anyone you...
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Managing Your Time in Real Estate

  Managing your time in the real estate business.   First, this is something people struggle with in general, not just Realtors.  However, in the worl...
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If You Don't Ask, You Don't Get

Whenever we get together for an episode of Agents In Action, I often ask myself “what is it I should share this time?”  I have been devouring several ...
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