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Join us as we divulge the haunted history of Seattle's spookiest places, and speak to our first hand paranormal experiences as investigators in Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle Tacoma. Based in the heart of Pioneer Square, Spooked In Seattle houses our paranormal group, as well as haunted tours and a Museum of Death. Gather 'round the chilly Seattle underground and let us tell you real AGHOST stories.


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Minisode: The Georgetown Castle

Georgetown has a history of a Native American burial ground, a demolished hospital, multiple plane crash sites, and personal tragedy. Take that histor...
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Minisode: Billy Ghoul

Billy Gohl was one of the PNW's lesser known killers who murdered dozens and sometimes had them as a snack. Join Kim to hear his story and our evidenc...
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Shady Ship

The USS Turner Joy is a retired war ship, now museum and memorial of the Bremerton Historic Ships Association, docked in Bremerton, Washington. It's a...
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Keeping Clam with Linda Hazzard

We take a haunting detour from our ghostly trends to talk about the most infamous digestively challenged "doctor"/quack of the PNW, and how she'd prob...
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The Ghosts of Port Gamble

We welcome guest and fellow AGHOST member, Jake Rice, as we share our evidence of investigations at the haunted Walker Ames house. Warning: flowing Da...
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