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ALAB Podcast: Yes or No?!

In “Yes or No?!” Langley just wants a simple answer, but inadvertently may offend the Native Americans.  Sorry.  You were here first.
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ALAB Podcast: Langley Interrupted!

In “Langley Interrupted!” Langley discovers the effects of using too much industrial adhesive in a poorly ventilated room and Flip steering wheel unic...
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ALAB Podcast: Gimp… Or GIMP?!

In “Gimp… Or GIMP?!” Langley asks in his usual polite and calm manner that you be more specific when posting an online ad for a “gimp” so as to limit ...
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ALAB Podcast: Electrical Tape?!

In “Electrical Tape?!” Langley discovers that he got the shaft from a dirty, filthy, ball washing bastard, and not in any sort of gratifying pornograp...
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