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Pro's and Con's of All-Inclusives

Have you ever wondered if an All-Inclusive resort vacation is the perfect way for you to go? Join our special guest Stephanie Diehl of Travel Designed...
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A Different Kind Of Tour

Tired of the same lame tours in every city you visit? Let Paul Bennett and his amazing staff of Context Tour help you escape the dreaded tour bus and ...
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Girlfriend Getaways in Mexico

On this episode special guest Leslie Krenzelak of Krenz Travel will be discussing various activities and itineraries in Mexico for a quick “Girlfriend...
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Who Are Your Cruise Buddies?

Faraz Qureshi and Eddy Garrido of, a social network for cruise travelers will be discussing the latest cruise social network phenomen...
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Tips for Traveling with Kids

Special Guest - Cindy Richards, Editor of, an online magazine for mothers on the go.On this episode entitled "Tips for Traveling with...
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2011 Travel Trends!!!

On this segment we will be discussing what are the new travel trends and hottest vacation spots for 2011.Ann Lombardi, seasoned travel consultant and ...
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