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Ajazz Tech 40: Nikon D7100 Review

On this episode: Facebook Home, Google Chrome's tosses WebKit for Blink, Disney shuts down LucasArts, EA named worst company in America, Nikon D7100 r...
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Ajazz Tech 39: DSLR Tips

On this episode: Windows Blue screenshots leaked, Podcasts app update, Canon announces the EOS Rebel SL1 and T5i, Nikon's new flagship DX DSLR the D71...
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Ajazz Tech 38: Telepathic Rats

On this episode: Evernote hacked, judge voids half of Apple vs. Samsung settlement, Mar's Curiosity in safe mode, mind-controlled rats, YouTube iOS up...
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Ajazz Tech 37: ConCERNed

On this episode: Large Hadron Collider undergoes maintenance for two years, rumored Google Music streaming service, PS4 announced, Xbox 720 announceme...
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