Album of the Year Podcast

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Two music nerds taking on music history-one year at a time.

Episode 18 - 1967 Part 1

Marty and Kris are back at it again with a new yearly episode...The next 2 episodes, we're gonna tackle 1967! We start with talking about how 1967 is ...
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Episode 17 - 1980 Part 2

Marty and Kris come roaring back with part 2 of the start a new decade, 1980! The guys talk about Marty's birthday (0:33) and Kris berates him for bei...
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Episode 17 - 1980 Part 1

aaaand WE'RE BACK!! Marty and Kris are back in the house to unfurl 1980 and break down the good, the bad, and the ugly. We talk "moanin cat blues" (0:...
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Obscure Quarantine Albums

Marty and Kris are back in the game, this time, talking about a couple of obscure albums they've been listening to lately. Marty kicks things off with...
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Episode 16 - 1997 Part 2

Let's do this, team...1997 Part 2 is here! Marty talks about his partner, Courtney, seeing Björk at ACL Fest in the early 2000's (0:00) Kris wonders h...
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