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Hello and WELCOME to All Bases Covered - A podcast navigating the beauty industry to cut through the bullsh*t! All Bases Covered is hosted by beauty buyer, Lauren, makeup artist and speech pathologist, Lisa and makeup obsessed marketing guru, Alex! With our backgrounds in beauty, science and business, we’re covering all bases when it comes to discussing the latest beauty news, trialling new products and breaking down ingredients ... but don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the snacks to get us through!

Not to crime is a prime.

EPISODE 114./Happy Monday everyone! Not a heck of a lot of beauty news circling around the internet this week, so we’ve got a little to cover before j...
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Shiny like a bowling ball

It’s been a chonker of a week for Lisa and Alex, between an anniversary trip away, simultaneously, momentarily despising our partners and Lisa looking...
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Get the grapes in your gob

EPISODE 108./Hello! Happy Public Holiday Monday to everyone! We hope that you’re out enjoying a long walk on the beach, or with your dog whilst listen...
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Please Adopt Desi Perkins

EPISODE 106./What a wild last week we had! Whilst Alex suffered through Melbourne’s snap lockdown, Lisa was living her best life up in QLD. This week ...
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Remember crumping?

Happy Birthday, Lisa and Happy Monday, pod fam! Lisa predicted the future because hey-ho, it’s a shit show in lockdown land again this week!  This wee...
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