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Vertical Presentations

This Next Level episode covers vertical presentations.  Vertical jigging in the fall is a key presentation to catching big Walleye.  With an abundance...
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Fall 21

The fall feed bag is starting and trophy Eyes will be in high demand.  Reservoir systems can be tricky with changing water levels and the big lakes re...
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Luck vs. Skill

The question that is asked by all...  Is fishing luck or skill?  Does it have to be one or the other or can it be both?  
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Make Em Bite

It's hot and the fish aren't biting!  You can't get them to bite anything you threw a month ago.  You see them on your graph but they just aren't hung...
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Colorado Walleye Trail

Lets talk the Colorado Walleye Trail.  After two full seasons of operating the Colorado Walleye Trail we talk about what it's like to fish the Colorad...
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Stupid Shallow For Summer Eyes

This is a must listen.  Fishing stupid shallow in 100 degree weather with high skies and cover so thick it makes Large Mouth scared.  The first part o...
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Early Cover

Late spring and early summer provide Walleye anglers with a great opportunity to find those hungry eyes in new weed growth or high water areas.  Looki...
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Spring Cover

Game on!  Seasons are open and the fish are moving out of the rivers back into the lakes and are ready to start doing some serious feeding.  Reservoir...
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