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Remember, we never stop learning. Every day we realize that there is something new to learn about. Join me every Tuesday as we explore different topics on each episodes. Am not gonna hold back. I will be sharing tips and Hacks about nails , perfume oil , beauty , fashion accessories and self care. Never forget to always spread love and inspire someone. Thank you for listening❤️ NATASHA FELIX

You are enough

I just want to use this episode to remind you that you are enough even when you feel you are not. --- Send in a voice message:
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Benefits of mindfulness

In today’s episode, I will be sharing some of the benefits of mindfulness, and I hope this episode will encourage you to cultivate the art of living i...
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Simplifying your life

Are you still struggling with simplifying your life? I know it not easy with all the bustling of life. And that’s why in today's episode, I will be sh...
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Letting go and let forgiveness in

Are you still feeling resentment towards that situation or that person that has hurt you or betrayed you? We are all human and am not here to tell you...
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Tips for self acceptance

Yes, you are different because you were born to make a difference. In this episode, I shared some tips that can help you with your self-acceptance jou...
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Turning your pain into motivation

In today's episode, I will be talking about turning your pain into motivation. I hope this episode will encourage you. Keep going and never relent. --...
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